About the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LAS) was founded on January 16, 1941. In its activities, the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is guided by its Charter ratified by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts. The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is a budgetary institution that brings together the most distinguished Lithuanian scientists and foreign scientists whose academic activities are related to Lithuania. The LAS is an independent expert and consultant of the Seimas, the Government and its agencies on research and higher education, culture, social development, economy, environmental protection, health care, technology, and other issues.

The Academy is implementing collaboration agreements with 26 foreign academies and other research centres; together with its partners, it carries out projects financed by the EU Structural Funds important for Lithuania’s R&D. The LAS is the founder of the Wróblewski Library; it publishes research proceedings, academic journals, and informational publications. The Academy often plays host to national and international conferences, sem­inars by foreign scientists, scientists’ meetings, academic readings, and exhibitions. On the assignment of the Government, the LAS organizes the activities of the Lithuanian Commission for Science Prizes; it has established 18 commemorative science prizes; it encourages young scientists and students to engage in scientific research by awarding each year 10 prizes to young scientists and 15 prizes to university students. Since 2010, the Academy has been giving 15 annual grants to young researchers.

According to its Charter, the LAS has the right to elect 120 full members (under 75 years of age) by open competition. The number of emeriti (over 75 years of age) and foreign members is not limited.

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is the member of the following international organizations:

ALLEA (the federation of ALL European academies) http://www.allea.org
ICSU (the International Council of Scientific Unions) http://www.icsu.org
EASAC (the European Academies Science Advisory Council) http://www.easac.org
IAP (the InterAcademy Panel) http://www.interacademies.net

Charter and Symbols of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences:

Charter of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Symbols of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

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